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... and complete production plant for the manufacture of pre-stressed concrete elements. Based in Chieti, Central Italy in the region of Abruzzo, the company has, for the last four decades established an extensive customer base throughout the world. Currently, machines and plant from Nordimpianti are working in more than 40 countries, across the five continents. Nordimpiantis success in overcoming man ...

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Railway Gazzette group

... и www. The Railway Gazette group is the leading provider of business management and technical information for the worlds railway industry, offering an extensive range of print. We also publish Rail Business Intelligence for the UK rail market, and the definitive Railway Directory, as well as and an ...

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... ting to the hard copies in print and in digital, as well as social medias platforms, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Weibo and WeChat. Through these widely used media channels we reach out to an extensive readership around the globe. To further our goal of bringing industry peers together and facilitating more business collaboration, RechargeAsia continues to expand its regional signature ...

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... ding new features and supporting new devices. The modular architecture can be easily tailored to integrate into your existing infrastructure or can be delivered as a turnkey solution. It is flexible, extensible and customizable. ...

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Matrox Electronic Systems GmbH

... s a global manufacturer of reliable, high-quality ASICs, boards, appliances, and software. Backed by in-house design expertise and dedicated customer support, Matrox products deliver stellar capture, extension, distribution, and display. Engineering high-quality products since 1976, Matrox technology is trusted by professionals and partners worldwide. ...

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Kornbusch & Starting

... ts foundation in 1905, Kornbusch & Starting has established itself as an equally innovative and efficient specialist on the textile cleaning market. Our efficiency and innovative ability are based on extensive experience and professional know-how. Our strength is the individual manufacturing of own brands. Dusters, Dish Cloths, Multi-Purpose Cloths, Wiping Cloths, Floor Cloths, Synthetic Leather, ...

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... XI WANFJIAN ELETRICAL APPLIANCE FACTORY FHpcbOoz, 9, 895; AQUA-THERM MOSCOW 2016 (9) CIXI WANFJIAN ELETRICAL APPLIANCE FACTORY CIXI WANJIAN ELETRICAL APPLIANCE FACTORY offers an extensive range of water meters for residential, industry and agricultural applications with advanced technology from the size 1/2 (Dn15) to 20 (Dn500), automatic reading system, intelligent water met ...

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... the highest technical standard of surface quality and purity and are widely specified by the engineering companies and end users of the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry. Dockweiler has an extensive stock and its own fittings and special production line (Manifolds, Spools etc.). ...

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... Строймашсервис. Founded in 1969 Guarnitec, with the trademark Tecnotex, is recognized as a world leader in the design, production and distribution of seals specifically for hydraulics and offers an extensive product range to hydraulic equipment manufacturers. Stroimashservice Pte is the exclusive distributor in the Russian Federation. Италия, 20020, Соларо Via della Repubblica 45, Solaro (MI), ...

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... KALDE KLIMA A.S. FOz, 9, 895; AQUA-THERM MOSCOW 2016 (9) KALDE KLIMA A.S. KALDE is a manufacturing and exporting company with an extensive product line such as Polypropilen pipes and fittings , metal products for hot and cold water systems . Also Kalde has its own quality control laboratory but with international accredited cer ...

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